March Trilogy.

Tear it down

tear it down

and burn the ashes

the drive where you rammed into our parked car 

the kitchen where you smashed up our plates 

the hallway where you made us scream we loved you 

the spare room where you 

the living room where you never were 

the bedrooms where we hid from you 

the dining room where you made us cry

rip it up

and obliterate the shreds

rend every atom asunder

and fade away from memory

Happy Birthday

Happy birthday then, 
Wherever you are. 
I can’t even remember how old you are, 
I can only remember how many it’s been. 
How many birthdays you just weren’t here for, 
How many birthdays you missed. 
Another three hundred and sixty five days gone by, 
So here’s to you, I guess.


you’re not really anything, you know
we’re all just atoms of meat
and you’re nothing special
don’t tell me how important you are
i’ll respect your destruction

Dear You

dear you

sorry for not writing sooner
i just didn’t really want to
i guess

how have you been then
(i don’t really care)
i hear you’ve been around nearby
so thanks for the heads up

i’d tell you what i’m up to
but i don’t think you’d remember
or even be that bothered really

sometimes you mistake me
for the other one
i get it, 
i guess,
i just wish
you didn’t do that

anyway that’s all i wanted
to say to you this time
good luck and goodbye
it’s always a pleasure

yours supposedly,